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Hi! My name is Stevan Kostoski. I'm a professional software developer with the main focus on Microsoft technologies. Enterprise projects have been always a challenge to me, it is a great feeling to be part of some big project such as Banking or ERP system. Besides the enterprise projects, I love small project with a maximum of 3-5 team members, the working atmosphere and positive energy on those projects is awesome. I never think twice when I have the opportunity to learn something new.

About my Abilities

For the past 7 years of my professional experience, I gain a lot of knowledge of various technologies. Most of them I was using professional and some of them just of curiosity how they work and how they differ from the other technologies.

.NET - This will be populated by script years of experience95%
SQL - 6 years of experience85%
Xamarin - 2 years of experience75%
WPF - 6 years of experience90%
Ember.js - This will be populated by script years of experience90%

Professional career

Companies i have worked for
  • 2021


    Senior Software Engineer

    In Skedda we take full responsibility for any feature. Meaning, when the design process is completed my role is to develop a fully functional backend in .net including the validation logic and the unit tests. If needed a database migration is created and the appropriate scripts. The next stop is our front-end application. It's written Ember framework, super fun and easy to develop. Here I deal with the data that is received from the backend and its visualization, then I write the front-end tests. When the full circle is done, it's time to create the Selenium tests that will test the feature as a whole. If everything is green then I ship the feature. From a technology perspective, we use the latest C# and .net core. The front end is in Ember.js and qUnit for the tests. We use Selenium to do a full feature test coverage and in the end, everything is hosted on Azure. We have several Azure functions that deal with various services that should be triggered periodically. And yes, the data layer is dependent on MSSQL database.

  • 2018


    Senior Software Developer

    I'm part of the team that develops CAM/CAD modules for the needs of the dental industry. We are developing 3D software that serves the needs of the dental technicians and dental laboratories in order to produce high-quality dental parts (crowns, veneers, implants, smile design, etc.)

  • 2016

    Ever Near

    Senior Software Developer

    The first year we developed a fully functional medical social network HALZA. It was developed for the Asian market and integrated with few hospitals in Singapore. I was mostly involved in the architecture and data layer design. The application was developed using Xamarin technology and Azure services.

    After HALZA, I was working on a large ERP system FCentric. It was a system used by a fashion company FC70 based in Antwerp, Belgium. The application was a WPF desktop application. We used WPF services for the API calls.

  • 2012

    Asseco South Eastern Europe

    Senior Software Developer

    SECTOR: Banking\Experience at Experience department. I was part of the integration team. We developed a system that was migrating and mapping data from one to another Banking system. For this integration system, I developed a lot of SQL stored procedures and a lot of SQL scripts. Also, I developed a tool that was used for data extraction and SQL tables management. Besides the Data layer, I worked on the UI layer. Our team developed and shipped highly user-friendly interfaces in the banking application. In my last year in Asseco, I was involved in API integration that was used by one of the mobile operators in Serbia. The solution that we developed was implemented in:

    • Raifeisenbank (Bulgaria)
    • Telenor bank

  • 2011

    IWM Network, LLC

    Wordpress developer (intership)

    Developing Wordpress plugins using PHP.

  • 2009

    Bord of European Students of Technology

    IT Responsible

    Developing various web sites for the needs of the organization and mailing lists maintentance.

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